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Item specifics
  • Package: Yes
  • Output Current: 3.42A
  • Compatible Brand: For Acer
  • Model Number: power supply for acer aspire p3
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output: 19V 3.42A
  • Connector: 3.0x1.0mm
  • Compatible Product Line: charger for acer laptop
  • compatible to: for Acer S3 S5 S7 P3 Iconia Tab W500 W700 W700P
  • part number: ADP-65MH B PA-1700-02 PA-1650-80
  • Item: 65W power supply
  • Power supply for laptop: For Acer ultrabook S3 S5
  • features 1: laptop charger
  • features 2: New arrival
  • features 3: replacement adapter
Product Description



New Arrival Power Adapter 19V 3.42A For Acer Aspire S3 S5 S7 P3 Iconia Tab W500 W700 W700P Laptop power charger 



item description

  • AC input voltage: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz
  • DC output : 19 V 3.42A laptop charger for acer
  • Power: 45W power supply
  • Connector size :3.0x1.0mm for acer laptop (ref to the picture)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty!
  • Construction: 100% Brand New!
  • Package includes: 
    1 x Adapter charger for Acer 65W power supply

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Replacement Part No.:

For PA-1650-68
For PA-1650-80
For PA-1700-02
For ADP-65MH B


Compatible Models:

For Acer Aspire S3-391 Ultrabook Series
For Acer Aspire S5-391 Ultrabook Series
For Acer Aspire S7-391 Ultrabook Series
For Acer Iconia W700 Series
For Acer Iconia W710 Series

for Aspire 2020, for Acer Aspire 3000 Series, for Acer Tablet PC C300,for Acer TravelMate 2300, for Acer TravelMate 2700,for Acer TravelMate 290, for Acer TravelMate 290E, for Acer TravelMate 3200, for Acer TravelMate 4000, for Acer TravelMate 4500, for Acer TravelMate 6000, for Acer TravelMate 8000

C720 ChromebookC720p ChromebookAspire S3 SeriesAspire S3-391Aspire S3-392Aspire S3-392GAspire S3-951Aspire S5 SeriesAspire S5-391Aspire S5-392Aspire S7 SeriesAspire S7-191Aspire S7-391Aspire S7-392

for Acer Aspire 1640 Series:
Covers for Acer Aspire Models, 1640, 1640LC, 1640Z, 1641, 1641LM, 1641LMi, 1641WLMi, 1642, 1642WLMi 

for Acer Aspire 1650 Series:
Covers for Acer Aspire Models, 1650, 1650Z, 1651, 1651NWLCi, 1651WLCi, 1651WLMi, 1652, 1652WLMi, 1654, 1654WLMi 

for Acer Aspire 1690 Series:
Covers for Acer Aspire Models, 1690, 1690LCi, 1690LMi, 1690WLCi, 1690WLMi, 1691, 1691LCi, 1691LMi, 1691WLCi, 1691WLM, 1691WLMi, 1692, 1692LMi, 1692WCLi, 1692WLMi, 1693, 1693WLCi, 1693WLM, 1693WLMi, 1694, 1694LMi, 1694WLCi, 1694WLMi, 1695, 1695WLMi 

for Acer Aspire 2000 Series:
2000, 2000LCi, 2000LMi, 2000WLCi, 2000WLMi, 2001, 2001LC, 2001LCe, 2001LCi, 2001LMi, 2001WLCi, 2001WLMi, 2002, 2002LCi, 2002LMi, 2002WLCi, 2002WLMi, 2003, 2003LC, 2003LCi, 2003LM, 2003LMi, 2003WLCi, 2003WLMi 

for Acer Aspire 2010 Series:
2010, 2010LMi, 2010WLCi, 2010WLMi, 2012, 2012LC, 2012LCi, 2012LCi, 2012LMi, 2012WLCi, 2012WLMi, 2013, 2013WLMi, 2014, 2014WLMi, 2016, 2016WLMi 

for Acer Aspire 2020 Series:
2020, 2020LC, 2020WLCi, 2021, 2021WLMi, 2023, 2023LMi, 2023WLCi, 2023WLMi, 2024, 2024WLCi, 2024WLMi, 2025, 2025LMi, 2025WLCi, 2025WLMi, 2026, 2026LMi, 2026WLMi 

for Acer Aspire 3000 Series:
3000, 3000LC, 3000LCi, 3000LM, 3000LMi, 3000WLMi, 3001LC, 3001WLCi, 3001WLMi, 3002, 3002LC, 3002LCi, 3002LMi, 3002NLC, 3002NLCi, 3002NWLCi, 3002WLCi, 3002WLMi, 3003, 3003LC, 3003LCi, 3003LMi, 3003WLCi, 3003WLM, 3003WLMi, 3004, 3004WLMi, 3005LCi, 3005WLMi

for Acer Aspire 3050 Series, 3050, 3050-1594, 3050-1854, 3050WXMi, 3053, 3053NWXCi, 3053NWXMi, 3053WXCi, 3053WXMi, 3054, 3054NWXCi, 3054NWXMi, 3054WXCi, 3054WXMi 

for Acer Aspire 3100 Series:
3100, 3100WLCi, 3100WLMi, 3101, 3101WLMi, 3102, 3102NWLMi, 3102WLCi, 3102WLMi, 3103, 3103NWLMi, 3103WLCi, 3103WLM

for Acer Aspire 3200 Series:
for Acer Aspire 3500 Series, 3500, 3500WLCi, 3500WLMi, 3502, 3502LC, 3502LCi, 3502LMi, 3502NLCi, 3502WLC, 3502WLCi, 3502WLMi, 3503, 3503NWLMi, 3503WLCi, 3503WLMi, 3505, 3505LMi, 3505WLMi, 3508, 3508WLMi, 3509, 3509WLMi 

for Acer Aspire 3600 - 3680 Series:
3600, 3602, 3602NWXM, 3603, 3603NWXCi, 3603NWXM, 3603NWXMi, 3603WLCi, 3603WXCi, 3603WXMi, 3603XCi, 3608, 3608NWXCi, 3608WXCi, 3608WXMi, 3610, 3610WLMi, 3612, 3612LC, 3612LCi, 3613, 3613LC, 3613LCi, 3613NWLCi, 3613WLCi, 3613WLMi, 3614, 3614WLMi, 3620, 3623NWXCi, 3623NWXMi, 3623WXC, 3623WXCi, 3623WXM, 3623WXMi, 3624, 3624NWXC, 3624NWXCi, 3624NWXM, 3624NWXMi, 3624WXC, 3624WXCi, 3624WXM, 3624WXMi, 3630, 3630WLMi, 3631, 3631WLMi, 3633, 3633WLMi, 3633WXCi, 3633WXMi, 3634, 3634WLCi, 3634WLMi, 3634WXCi, 3634WXMi, 3650, 3651, 3651NWLCi, 3651NWLMi, 3651NWXCi, 3651NWXMi, 3651WLCi, 3651WLMi, 3651WXMi, 3652, 3652NWLCi, 3652NWLMi, 3652WLCi, 3652WLMi, 3654, 3654WXCi, 3654WXMi, 3660, 3660NWLCi, 3660WLCi, 3660WLMi, 3661, 3661NWLCi, 3661WLCi, 3661WLMi, 3662, 3662NWLCi, 3662WLMi, 3663, 3663WLMi, 3680, 3680-2574, 3680WXCi, 3680WXMi, 3681, 3681NWXCi, 3681WXCi, 3681WXMi, 3682, 3682NWLMi, 3682NWXCi, 3682NWXMi, 3682WLMi, 3682WXCi, 3682WXMi, 3683, 3683NWXMi, 3683WXMi

for Acer TravelMate 2300 Series:
2300, 2300LC, 2300LCi, 2300LM, 2300NLC, 2300NLCi, 2301, 2301LC, 2301LCi, 2301LM, 2301LMi, 2301NLC, 2301NLCi, 2301NXCi, 2301WLC, 2301WLCi, 2301WLM, 2301WLMi, 2301XC, 2301XCi, 2302, 2302LC, 2302LCi, 2302LM, 2302LMi, 2302NLCi, 2302NLC, 2302NLCi, 2302WLM, 2302WLMi, 2303, 2303LC, 2303LCi, 2303LM, 2303LMi, 2303NLC, 2303NLCi, 2303WLCi, 2303WLM, 2303WLMi, 2303XC, 2304, 2304LC, 2304LCi, 2304LM, 2304LMi, 2304NLC, 2304NLCi, 2304WLCi, 2304WLMi, 2304WNLCi, 2305, 2305LCi, 2305NLC, 2305NLCi, 2306, 2306LCi, 2308, 2308LCi, 2308LMi, 2308WLM, 2308WLMi 

for Acer TravelMate 3000 Series:
3000, 3000WTCi, 3000WTMi, 3001, 3001ENWTi, 3001ENWTNi, 3001EWTNi, 3001NWTNi, 3001WTMi, 3001WTCi, 3001WTMi, 3002, 3002ENWT, 3002ENWTNi, 3002NLCi, 3002NWLCi, 3002NWTNi, 3002WTCi, 3002WTMi, 3002XCi, 3002XMi, 3003, 3003EWTMi, 3003LC, 3003LCi, 3003LMi, 3003WTCi, 3003WTMi, 3004, 3004WTCi, 3004WTMi 

for Acer TravelMate 3010 Series:
3010, 3010WLMi, 3010WTMi, 3012, 3012TMi, 3012WLMi, 3012WTMi

for Acer TravelMate 3200 Series:
3200, 3200XCi, 3200XMi, 3201, 3201XCi, 3201XMi, 3201NXCi, 3202, 3202XCi, 3202XMi, 3203, 3203XCi, 3203XMi, 3204, 3204XCi, 3204XMi, 3205, 3205XMi

for Acer TravelMate 3210 Series:
3210, 3210WXCi, 3210WXMi, 3210XCi, 3210XMi, 3211, 3211WXCi, 3211WXMi, 3212, 3212NWXCi, 3212NWXMi, 3212WXCi, 3212WXMi, 3212XCi, 3212XMi, 3213, 3213WXCi, 3213WXMi 

for Acer TravelMate 3220 Series:
3220, 3220WXCi, 3220WXMi, 3222, 3222WXCi, 3222WXMi, 3224, 3224WXMi, 3224XMi 

for Acer TravelMate 3230 Series:
3230, 3232, 3232WXMi 

for Acer TravelMate 3260 Series:
3260, 3260-485, 3260-4653, 3260-4853, 3260-4874, 3260 AWXMi, 3260AWXMi, 3260WXCi, 3261, 3261AWXM, 3261AWXMi, 3262, 3262WXMi 

for Acer TravelMate 3300 Series:
3300, 3300WXMi, 3301, 3301WXCi, 3302, 3302NWXCi, 3302NWXNi, 3302WXCi, 3302WXMi, 3302XMi, 3304, 3304NWXCi, 3304NWXNi, 3304WXCi, 3304WXMi, 3304WXNi, 3304XCi 

for Acer TravelMate 4000 Series:
4000, 4000LCi, 4000LMi, 4000NLCi, 4000WLCi. 4000WLMi, 4001, 4001LC, 4001LCi, 4001LM, 4001LMi, 4001NLCi, 4001WLC, 4001WLCi, 4001WLM, 4001WLMi, 4001XCi, 4002, 4002LC, 4002LCi, 4002LM, 4002LMi, 4002NLCi, 4002WLCi, 4002WLM, 4002WLMi, 4004, 4004LMi, 4005, 4005LMi, 4005WLM, 4005WLMi, 4009, 4009LCi, 4010, 4010WLCi, 4011, 4011LCi, 4011LMi, 4011WLCi, 4011WLMi, 4012, 4012NLCi, 4015, 4015LCi, 4015LMi, 4020, 4020NWLCi, 4020WLCi, 4020WLMi, 4021, 4021LCi, 4021LMi, 4021NWLCi, 4021NWLMi, 4021WLCi, 4021WLMi, 4022, 4022NWLMi, 4022WLCi, 4024, 4024WLMi, 4025, 4025LCi, 4025LMi, 4050, 4050, 4050LC, 4050LCi, 4050LM, 4050LMi, 4050WLCi, 4050WLMi, 4051, 4051LC, 4051LCi, 4051LM, 4051LMi, 4051WLCi, 4051WLMi, 4052, 4052LC, 4052LCi, 4052LM, 4052LMi, 4052NLCi, 4052WLCi, 4052WLMi, 4053, 4053LMi, 4060, 4060LCi, 4060LMi, 4061, 4061LCi, 4061LMi, 4061NLCi, 4061NLMi, 4061WLCi, 4061WLMi, 4062, 4062LCi, 4062LMi, 4062WLCi, 4062WLMi, 4064, 4064LMi, 4064WLMi, 4070, 4080 

for Acer TravelMate 4100 Series:
4100, 4100LCi, 4100LMi, 4100WLM, 4100WLMi, 4101, 4101LCi, 4101LM, 4101LMi, 4101WLC, 4101WLCi, 4101WLM, 4101WLMi, 4102, 4102LC, 4102LCi, 4102LM, 4102LMi, 4102NLCi, 4102NLMi, 4102NWLCi, 4102NWLMi, 4102WLC, 4102WLCi, 4102WLM, 4102WLMi, 4103, 4103LCi, 4103WLCi, 4103LMi, 4104, 4104WLMi, 4106, 4106WLMi, 4150, 4150LC, 4150LCi, 4150LM, 4150LMi, 4150NLCi, 4150WLMi, 4151, 4151LC, 4151LCi, 4151LM, 4151LMi, 4151NLCi, 4151WLCi, 4151WLMi, 4152, 4152LC, 4152LCi, 4152LM, 4152LMi, 4152NLC, 4152NLCi, 4152WLMi, 4153, 4153LM, 4153LMi, 4154, 4154LM, 4154LMi

for Acer TravelMate 4500 Series:
4500, 4500ALCi, 4500LCi, 4500LMi, 4500WLCi, 4500WLMi, 4501, 4501ALC, 4501ALCi, 4501LC, 4501LCi, 4501LMi, 4501WLC, 4501WLCi, 4501WLM, 4501WLMi, 4502, 4502ALCi, 4502LC, 4502LCi, 4502LMi, 4502WLCi, 4502WLM, 4502WLMi, 4503, 4503LCi, 4503WLCi, 4503LMi, 4504, 4504LM, 4504LMi 

for Acer TravelMate 5100 Series:
for Acer TravelMate 5600 Series, 5600, 5602, 5602WLMi, 5602WSMi, 5604, 5604WSMi, 5610

for Acer TravelMate 6000 Series:
6000, 6000LCi, 6001, 6002, 6002LCi, 6003, 6003LC, 6003LCi, 6003LM, 6003LMi, 6004, 6004LC, 6004LCi, 6004LMi 

for Acer TravelMate 8000 Series:
8000, 8000LCi, 8000LMi, 8001, 8001LCib, 8002, 8002LC, 8002LCi, 8002LCib, 8002LMi, 8003, 8003LC, 8003LCi, 8003LCib, 8003LM, 8003LMi, 8003LMib, 8004, 8004LCi, 8004LCib, 8004LM, 8004LMi, 8004LMib, 8005, 8005LCi, 8005LCib, 8005LMi, 8005LMib, 8005WLMi, 8006, 8006LCi, 8006LM, 8006LMi, 8006LMib, 8007 

for Acer TravelMate 8100 Series:
8100, 8101, 8101WLMi, 8102, 8102WLCi, 8102WLMi, 8103, 8103WLMi, 8104, 8104WLCi, 8104WLMi, 8105, 8105WLMi, 8106, 8106WLMi


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  • Package Size: 20cm x 15cm x 5cm (7.87in x 5.91in x 1.97in)
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.3kg (0.66lb.)
  • Package Size: 20cm x 15cm x 5cm (7.87in x 5.91in x 1.97in)
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